Assos Active Wear Cleanser 300ml

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The Bicycle Clothing Guru's at Assos have done it again!

Quality Bicycle Clothing deserves to be looked after, protect your investment by not only using the correct washing method but by also using the only detergent specifically made for cycle garments.

Cycle garments are very unique they have to behave like a second skin, but unlike own skin which is constantly being replaced by a new batch coming through, they depend on us to maintain them if they are to have a long purposeful life.

Cycle clothing is highly elastic to give form fitting fit and to also aid our biochemical performance by assisting with small amounts of compression to reduce muscle fatigue and aid our recovery times.

These elastic fibers get damaged by sun, sweat and detergents. By adopting the correct washing method, drying method, and using this detergent you can greatly expanding not only the usable lifespan of your clothing but also its performance over its usable lifespan.

Your every day detergents are engineered to work hard to remove heavy stains on a wide range of clothing materials.

Lycra/spandex does not stain easily, so the use of full strength normal detergents will unnecessarily weaken the fabric possibly even chemically burn it.

Standard clothing detergents will cause your cycling clothing to fade quickly (blacks and colours).

As for your special ass saving chammios/padding. Foams and Gels are rarely used in normal clothing so repeated washing in normal DETERGENT will greatly effect the strength and structure of your protective padding.

Wash your Cycle Clothing in cold water, gentle cycle by them selves or in a dedicates mesh bag.

Hang out to dry in the shade, do not put in the sun, do not put in the dryer, do not put in front of the heater.

The Assos Active Wear Cleaner has a fresh sweet Pine/Mellon sent that you will notice on freshly washed garments, you normally do not get with most detergents. We have had customers who love this product specifically for the fragrance let alone its cleaning ability.

This detergent notably even know is delicate in the way it cleans the elastic fibers it will neutralize and remove the strong stench of long workout.

As Assos says "Enjoy the Ride" and in this case Enjoy it more often with Assos Active Wear Cleanser

Product Details

  • Item condition: New
  • Availability: Click & Collect, Buy online
  • Brand: Assos
  • Category: Chamois Cream
  • ID: 102258405
  • Type: Post Ride
  • Delicate on elastic fibers
  • Makes fabrics feel softer
  • Neutralizers odors
  • Enhances breath-ability of textiles
  • Maintains sharp colour sublimation colours
  • Ph Neutral
  • Skin Friendly


Hand Wash
1 Cap for every 5 Liters

Machine Wash 2-3 Caps no pre-wash required

Made in Switzerland
Delicate on elastic fibers
Makes fabrics feel softer
Neutralizers Odors
Enhances breath-ability of textiles
Maintains sharp sublimation colouts
Ph Neutral
Skin Friendly

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